Budget hotels in Gran Canaria and other accommodation options

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Budget hotels in Gran Canaria and other accommodation options

Gran Canaria is not only about luxury resorts and five-star hotels. Here you can find many accommodation options to suit every taste and budget.

Small hotels

Pros: Cozy atmosphere, personal service, often lower prices than large hotels.

Cons: Limited amenities (eg no pool, no spa), small rooms, noise from the street (if the hotel is in a busy area).
Examples: Hotel Altamarena, Hotel Brisas del Sur, Hotel Fayfay Beach.


Pros: Own kitchen, ability to cook yourself, more space than in a hotel room, suitable for families and groups.

Cons: Need to clean yourself, can be noisy from other guests, not all aparthotels have a pool.

Examples: Anexo Brisas de Salobreña, Apartamentos Aguamarina, Bungalows Dunas de Maspalomas.

Alternative options similar to hotels

Guest houses

Pros: Opportunity to get acquainted with local culture and customs, communication with hospitable hosts, homely atmosphere, often delicious breakfasts.

Cons: Limited amenities, Wi-Fi not always available, can be noisy from other guests, need to adapt to the hosts’ daily routine.

Examples: Casa Rural El Patio, Bed and Breakfast El Palmeral, Hostal Casa Pepe.


Pros: The most affordable accommodation option, the opportunity to meet other travelers, socializing in a common living room, often there is a kitchen where you can cook.

Cons: Shared bathroom, small rooms, noise from other guests, not suitable for a relaxing stay.
Examples: Backpackers La Paz, Hostel Cantur, Urban Jungle Hostel.


Pros: The closest possible contact with nature, low prices, the ability to cook over a fire, freedom and independence.

Cons: Requires a tent and other equipment, lack of amenities (toilet, shower), can be unsafe at night.

Examples: Camping El Salobreño, Camping Playa del Agujero, Camping La Garita.

When choosing a budget hotel in Gran Canaria, it is important:

Decide on a budget: How much are you willing to spend on accommodation?

Select area: Which area of the island would you like to stay in?

Consider your preferences: What is important to you? Pool, Wi-Fi, proximity to the beach?

Read reviews: What do other tourists write about this or that hotel?

Book your accommodation in advance: The earlier you book, the better your chances of finding a good price.

Compare prices on different booking sites and pay attention to promotions and discounts.

Consider options outside of tourist areas: Away from popular resorts, prices for accommodations are usually lower.

By following these tips, you can find comfortable and affordable budget accommodation in Gran Canaria that suits your needs and budget.
However, when choosing an accommodation option, it is important to consider your preferences and budget.

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