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We are an Expert Center for Investment in real estate, development and construction.

You will receive from 7% to 25% per annum on a property investment
In the case of construction and development – your dividends will start from 80% to 150% on your investment.


With us you buy property 5-20% cheaper than competitors.


Protection guarantee from economically disadvantageous projects.


Sale guarantee
We will guarantee a future sale on Investing that you purchase with us.

    for hotels, investment projects, building land
    for hotels, investment projects, building land
    Other Features
    Since 2011, our investors have received more 35 , 000 , 000 euros

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    When buying on your own investor faces with dozens of problems which most often lead to loss money!

    which most often lead to loss of money!

    Buying an illiquid property

    Emotional buying, not a cold calculation

    Targeting developer advertising, not market analytics

    Sale of an investment object after a reasonable time

    Investment based on the opinion of incompetent "well-wishers"

    Analysis of documents, not the history of the Developer

    We have already solved these problems and we know where to invest

    For over 9 years we have developed a whole methodology and turned it into a step-by-step action plan. So you can benefit from it..

      Receive free consultation
      "How not to" get traped "when
      choosing an investment property "

      We have collected 7 main mistakes when self-investing ( Also useful for professionals )

      From the consultation you will learn:
      common mistakes when choosing a developer
      what questions should you ask the Developer if you applied "directly"
      how to find out that you have a reliable developer you can trust
      why can't you buy the cheapest, ( cheapest not always best )

        With us you can buy any commercial property/project 5-20% cheaper than competitors

        many years of experience has allowed us
        to obtain exclusive conditions.
        You will definitely not be offered such anywhere else.

        We always work on your side and achieve the best result for you.

        Commercial property investments are one of the most reliable ways to increase your capital.
        Buy Hotels is a reliable Spanish Investment and Property Market Partner. With awareness of the current climate and future trends, we can offer the best profitable business options for investments in hotel acquisitions, development, construction and management.

        Our projects are throughout and well checked, we undertake only those with a yield of 7% per annum for existing projects and up to 80% for development and construction. For 9 years of work on a Spanish Real Estate market, we have implemented more than 40 successful projects. Now more than 80% of our clients come from recommendations.
        We guarantee successful result!

        A strong reputation, social responsibility and a stable company structure Buy hotels wanted to guarantee preservation of your capital, and also provides a range of wide opportunities for increasing your capital through profitable Real Estate Investments and Construction

        Due to present circumstances on the market we see lots of opportunities.

        Will be glad to see you amongst our successful investors!

        We are the first company in the Canary Islands and Spain to provide a full range of services : from design and development, to licensing, construction and management. To future sales of Property.
        Year of foundation
        Developers -
        up to 20%
        The price is lower
        Successful cycles
        More than 35X million euros
        Income for our investors
        Ask questions our best expert will be glad to help
        Is it worth investing right now
        How to choose the right investment project/property for your goals
        What is most convenient way to receive information?

          "We work for the benefit and in the interests of our Clients. The main task is to preserve and increase capital"

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