Types of land that can be purchased in Tenerife

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Types Of Land That Can Be Purchased In Tenerife

Tenerife, the pearl of the Canary Islands, attracts not only with its azure beaches, gentle sun and volcanic landscapes. Purchasing a plot of land on this island paradise can be a wise investment, opening up opportunities to build your dream home, run a business or simply enjoy island life.

What types of land are available for purchase in Tenerife?

Urbanized areas

All communications are provided (water, electricity, sewerage).
Have a building permit.
Suitable for the construction of residential buildings, villas, commercial facilities.
Located in convenient locations with developed infrastructure.

Rustic areas:

Designed for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers.
Can be used for the construction of agricultural buildings.
Limited in terms of construction of residential buildings.

Commercial areas:

Ideal for business:
Suitable for the construction of shops, restaurants, offices, hotels.
Located in busy tourist areas or business centers.

Areas with ocean views:

Usually premium segment.
Exclusive offers.
Mesmerizing panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean.
Located on hills or on the first line of the sea.

Areas in the mountains:

An excellent option for nature lovers.
Calm, quiet, clean air.
Picturesque views of mountains and valleys.
Suitable for the construction of cozy villas or eco-villages.

Areas near the beach:

Beach holidays within walking distance.
Ideal for the construction of apartments and guest houses. Popular with tourists and investors.

Plots in elite areas:

This is prestige and status.
Surrounded by luxurious villas and mansions. Developed infrastructure, security…

Areas with utilities:

Ready for construction. Saving time and money on communications.

Plots with a finished house project:

Turnkey solution You don’t have to do any design work.

Purchasing a plot of land in Tenerife is not just a purchase of land, it is an investment in the future. You can build your dream home, open a business, or simply enjoy island life.

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